AIIM 2017 State of Information Management

For purposes of context for our survey, we positioned digital transformation as the concept of being paperless, using multi-channel inbound capture, and the impact digital transformation will have on individuals, business organizations, and operational processes. What we found is that there is progressive movement, albeit not the hockey stick inclination everyone hopes for, but movement nonetheless.

Digital transformation drives interest in governance, predictive analytics

Three trends that will grow due to digital transformation in the workplace are:

  1. Shifting From a Legacy Culture to the Cloud
  2. A New Approach Due To Data Governance Due to IoT
  3. Using Predictive Analytics to Make Better Decisions

GDPR Is Looming: How ECM Can Help Businesses Meet the Challenge

Metadata can play an important role in helping companies comply with the various GDPR requirements. When leveraged within an ECM system, metadata helps companies correctly categorize and manage PII according to GDPR requirements.

Are We Really Having the ‘ECM is Dead’ Conversation Again?

ECM describes the overarching strategy or concept of operations for managing unstructured information. Technology is of course important, but is just one third of our traditional view of implementing technology into an organization: People, Process and Technology.

The Right Way to Make Your Data Deliver

When data is only used for things like risk management, fraud prevention and compliance-related activities, its awesome potential is never realized and money is left on the proverbial table.

But business intelligence can also successfully tie profits and losses back to everything from promotional campaigns to the weather patterns affecting individual store sales.

Twitter stops counting usernames in replies toward the 140-character limit

Twitter’s 140-character limit is essential to its existence, but the company realizes how annoying it can be to trim your thoughts when composing a reply because the person you’re chatting with has a long username. Twitter has decided to no longer count a username toward your 140 characters, a change now rolling out to its iOS and Android apps as well as

Millions of Stolen US University Email Credentials for Sale on the Dark Web

Stolen email addresses and passwords from the largest US universities are offered for sale on the Dark Web at anywhere from $3.50 to $10 apiece…

With the help of research firm ID Agent, they found 13,930,176 credentials from those big schools, with the University of Michigan (122,556), Penn State (119,350), University of Minnesota (117,604), Michigan State (115,973), and Ohio State (114,032), with the most credentials for sale, and MIT with the biggest ratio of stolen and spoofed email addresses to number of enrolled and staff, 2.81:1, followed by Carnegie Mellon University, 2.4:1, Cornell University, 2.39:1, and others.

“I’ve been scraping the Dark Web since 2009. There were 2.2 million .edu [emails] there back in 2015, 2.8 million in 2016, and now almost 14 million a year later. That’s a significant spike,” says Brian Dunn, managing partner at ID Agent.