Organizations aren’t falling behind well-established standards so much as “struggling to keep up with accelerating standards,” the PwC report said. It’s clear “most are not ready for what comes next – as technologies continue to combine and advance and new ways of doing business go from inception to disruption seemingly overnight,” it added.

Another way of saying that is that the technical skills in hand in the IT organization may be the same or greater than before, but executives’ conception of what will be needed in the near future is outstripping those skills. Welcome to the age of digital transformation…

Most companies have not kept up with the need to transform digitally “as powerful new tools crowd into the marketplace,” the report warned. The scale against which the executives are measuring their digital preparedness is not a static one but the fast-moving environment in which they now find themselves. The companies may actually be smarter about technologies they’re using “but the questions keep getting harder,” the report noted.

The above is taken from, “The Need to Go Digital Is Clear; Not Everyone Can Get There” in InformationWeek