Blockchain & ECM

Blockchain in some ways defeats the point of centralized records management but the likelihood is that more specialized applications will be adding this kind of functionality to their systems.  Potentially disrupting the traditional approach to RIM.

The More Things Change – ECM Isn’t Really Dead

ECM is not a technology, methodology, or process. Rather, it is a mindset or framework designed to get the right information to the right audience, in the right context, at the right time. ECM is enabled by tools and processes that help capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver information…relabelling ECM is rather pointless. I’m fairly certain the buyers don’t care, and the vendors are going to have to use terminology that resonates with the buyers. “Wanna buy ECM? or “Wanna buy Content Services?” are likely to get the same none too friendly response. Content Services is not a market. Content services are what content management tools provide and it’s been that way ever since someone coined the term “Enterprise Content Management”.

Why It’s Time to Think Differently About Information Management

Do the processes we ask end users to go through align with the way they work? Or are they at odds with modern working life?1

It’s essential to build easy-to-use information management practices for how users work today — not how things worked 20 or 30 years ago.

How to Make Your Information Management Program Successful

You’d think that if the program’s stakeholders get it right by understanding their current environment (e.g., being attuned to the needs of the business and planning the major organizational elements of their program, systems, and organization of content, etc.), that they would be primed for success. Well, they are, but ultimately, enterprise programs aren’t successful because the board approves the project. They are successful because they are executed well. In too many cases, leaders, who have exceptional strategic skills, lack the day-in/day-out, persistent approach needed to deliver on a three-year vision.

5 Trends Shaping Information Management

  1. Data Teams Bridge the Gap Between IT and Business
  2. The tools of the Clouds Era Emerge
  3. Security Gets Worse Before It Gets Better
  4. IoT Transforms Physical Environments and Social Conventions
  5. Opportunity Spikes in Cloud Management Arena