AWS, Microsoft and Google take different paths to the cloud

An outage at Amazon Web Services Tuesday rekindled the debate about whether it is wise to rely too heavily on one cloud service provider. Such snafus are rare for AWS so CIOs worry more about the potential for vendors to turn off their service without notice.

But CIOs who bet on multiple providers often invite challenges, including committing resources to work with each vendor…
Understanding the keys to enterprise information management success
all information, whether structured or unstructured, electronic or printed, or raw or derived, can benefit from the same kind of asset management discipline and EIM program. I’d like to see the day in which all forms of data/information/content/records are managed under some unified approach.

6 Personal Observations about “ECM” and “Content Services”

  1. In the end analysis, “Content Services” is just another label.
  2. The term “ECM” DOES need retirement and/or modification.
  3. “Content Services” means applications and processes are center stage.
  4. “Content Services” DOES need a definition.
  5. The change represented by “Content Services” is a fundamental one for solution providers.
  6. “Content Services” ultimately is a story of disruption.

Technology Standards and the New EDRM

Standardization of technology has the promise to cut business and legal risks through the identification of challenges and development of mechanisms to prevent actual and potential issues and downtime. Standardization also many times is the precursor to the rapid uptake of new and beneficial approaches to solving problems with technology. If the EDRM, under its new leadership, can contribute to industry standardization by helping create technology standards besides task and process frameworks, the development of data and legal discovery technologies may see a new level of acceleration that should positively impact all members of the eDiscovery ecosystem.

How to Avoid Big Data Mistakes

Looking for a way to keep your customers happy and feeling safe, your bosses relaxed and confident, and the rest of your company’s teams protected from major mistakes? Just as a solid accounting system ensures and demonstrates that a business is being well managed, a data governance program is a necessary element of any business today that deals with data. And that’s basically all businesses.

Best Practices For Lowering Ransomware Risk

While ransomware actors in many cases return the data as promised, they may leave backdoors to return for more money, time and time again, or may not return data at all.

How I Pulled Myself Out Of The Waterfall

I was an IT executive several years ago at a large biotech company that was drowning in the waterfall method and our team knew it had to stop. We instituted an early experiment in DevOps, an organizational construct that calls for software developers and operations teams to exit their silos and collaborate closely to accelerate the frequency of code releases into production.

Top Cybersecurity Posture Also Aids Organizations With Innovation

cybersecurity is no longer just a means to avoiding a PR disaster, but rather it’s become a necessity for engendering digital innovations, goodwill, and user loyalty, as well as driving revenue growth. Those companies that refuse to invest in it are doomed to be left behind.