1.Thou shalt send links, not attachments (client VPN is an obstacle that’s being dealt with in a separate project);
2.Thou shalt use versioning rather than sending more copies with “v2_0_3_d_SOMEGUY_Edits” in the file name (change mgt and training required);
3.Thou shalt label thy contributions appropriately (we’ll help by implementing some workflows and forms);
4.Thou shalt not make copies when thou needst them not (metadata and user roles will help users find what they need, proper backup & restore will be implemented);
5.Thou shalt not keep thy stuff indefinitely (ah, retention and disposition policies will finally be enforced);
6.Thou shalt not facilitate unauthorized access to information in thy care and keeping (keep it in the repository, where it can be secured);
7.Thy content is not thine, it’s thy employer’s.

The above seven commandments are taken from Chris Walker’s blog post Guerrilla Tactics – IG Whether or not they want it