The following is taken from an interview that Doculabs with James Watson

For your customers, what does a content management strategy include? Do they take a holistic approach (i.e. all content and information) or a more targeted approach (i.e. content on certain systems, associated with certain processes, or belonging to certain departments or functions)?

What we’ve learned from our work with a wide range of clients is that a “content management strategy” can’t be just a vision statement for what kind of business outcomes you’re looking to achieve. The strategy has to articulate the business impact you expect to achieve from doing a better job of managing content.

And it does have to be targeted; you can’t boil the ocean. We help our clients identify specific business areas to start with – help them refine the scope and chunk it up. Identify specific targeted areas where the wins are big, and areas where the wins can be quick, too. Help the client define what they’re going to take on, but also what they’re not going to take on.

Finally, we get our clients to spend time thinking about the money. Recognize that an ECM initiative is going to have to compete with all the other IT projects and programs. Help them calculate the cost and benefit of their ECM initiative and tee that up. A shiny coat of paint helps, so we make sure to tie the ECM strategy into corporate priorities. We’ve seen way too many eleventh-hour business cases; we get our clients to see the benefit of spending time on this effort upfront.

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