In an article was recently published by Angela Dingle discussing why information governance isn’t just a nice to have, but a necessity and she list the following three reasons:

1)Regulatory Compliance is Not Getting Any Easier

Information governance frameworks like COBIT, provides business leaders with tools and techniques for mapping requirements, evaluating plans and policies, monitoring conformance, and making efficient, effective decisions about the use of information technology.

Combined with automated tools and technology, information governance provides a streamlined approach to regulatory compliance.

2)The Baddies Want Your Data

A sound information governance framework provides business leaders with the information they need to make informed decisions about protecting critical information systems, and the tools they need to improve efficiency and responsiveness.

3)It is good for business

When it is all said and done, implementing information governance is the ethical thing to do. Business leaders have a legal and ethical responsibility to safeguard employees’, customers’ and stakeholders’ data. Those that fail to do so may lose their jobs. Regulations impose fines or penalties associated with non-compliance and some businesses face class action lawsuits resulting from data breaches.

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