Using Glyphs to Deconstruct, Classify, & Attribute Files

Glyphs can be used to consistently deconstruct, classify, and attribute large volumes of files permitting effective management of them. Deconstruction breaks files into their smallest visual elements, classification uses data visualization at the page level, and attribution selects specified glyphs or their text values from within classifications.

(Webinar) 5 Hot Trends for Data and Analytics in 2017

  1. Building the new digital enterprise using automation
  2. Analytics in the digital culture revolution: democratizing BI for fact-based decision-making
  3. Report consolidation: saving costs, improving BI adoption, and moving from report to InfoApps
  4. The rise of customer-facing analytics: monetizing data and consumerizing analytics
  5. Data Management in the digital enterprise: master data management, data quality and governance

This accompanying article has more information on the trends

Why Big Data and Algorithms Won’t Improve Business Strategy

n the game of Chess above, yes you can use large scale data analytics, AI and algorithms to discover new patterns in the sequences of presses and certainly this will help you against equally blind competitors. Such techniques will also help you in business improve your supply chain or understand user behaviour or marketing or loyalty programmes or operational performance or any number of areas in which we have some understanding of the environment.

But this won’t help you in strategy against the player with better situational awareness. Most business strategy itself operates in a near vacuum of situational awareness. For the vast majority then I’ve yet to see any real evidence to suggest that big data is going to improve this. There are a few and rare exceptions but in general, the key is first to understand the landscape and that a landscape exists.

From Big Data To Unique Customer Insights: New Use Case

Big Data and advanced analytics can give us insight into almost anything, but one of the top use cases today focuses on better understanding customers in order to identify new opportunities as well as potential problems.

What’s the Case for Data Governance

It’s best if the business intelligence (BI) and analytics solutions you deploy ensure that people get the information they need without opening up the information valve so wide that anything and everything can happen.

Congress to step up its own Cybersecurity Protections

In the wake of charges that Russian hackers tried to destabilize the U.S. election, Congress will step up efforts to protect itself from cybersecurity attacks, including better training for lawmakers and staffers, said the head of the committee that oversees operations in the House.

Senate Dems ObamaCare repeal protest hits 4-hour mark

As a testament to the power of social media, democrats us Snapchat and Facebook Live to rally voters outside of the beltway to support Obamacare.