According to technologist Robert F. Smallwood, approximately 90% of information was generated in the last two years, but only about a quarter of this information is considered a major asset. Yet, despite this huge opportunity to leverage a larger percentage of this data, many organizations still have not implemented mature information governance (IG) programs, believing that their records management programs fill this critical role. However, an effective IG program provides an additional level of value: an enterprise-wide framework for managing information throughout the entire document life cycle to support an organization’s objectives and legal requirements…

To implement a successful IG program, appoint a C-level executive to own the process and explain to key stakeholders how the proposed program will resolve pain points and mitigate risk across the organization. To win buy-in from multiple functions, detail the program’s true value, demonstrating that without good, actionable information, your company could be missing opportunities to seize competitive advantage.

Excerpted from 5 Document Management Tips To Tackle In 2016.