With three kids and a job that demands a lot of me finding time to blog is harder and harder to come across.  Many times I have ideas for an AIIM blog post, but don’t get a chance to put them to paper.  I am going to attempt something new.  Here on this blog I will post thoughts that I will eventually, hopefully, make into an AIIM blog post.  Who knows if it will works and people will want to see my working and in-process thoughts, but here goes nothing…

Three Scenarios For Records Management

1)Records Management is your morgue where records go to die after they have served their business purpose are no longer needed.

2)Records management is the pit crew director for a NASCAR race.  The records manager is involved in one way or another in the  race that information has to get to the finish line to produce a high ROI.

3)Records management is Mr. Belding from Saved By The Bell, a necessary evil that others try to avoid so they can use cooler and more and effective toys like Box or Dropbox.