The speed at which information is created is astounding. Companies are unable to analyze this information as quickly as it’s created, and extracting value at a quick pace can be almost impossible. That means the potential value of the information is in many ways greater than the current actual value.

Information is one of their company’s greatest assets but executives do not truly understand, measure or leverage the total value of that information. In fact, they typically do not establish value for information assets the way they do for others assets within the company.

2015 will be the year of value. Companies will keep an internal balance sheet for the valuation of corporation information assets. Otherwise, they will maintain the idea that customer information is only valuable once it’s used and that idle data is valueless. Infonomics, coined by Doug Laney of Gartner Group as the theory and practice that information is an actual asset with both potential and realized value that can be quantified, maximized, and managed as an asset, will become more viable as it begins to be adopted more quickly.

You can read the rest in the article, “2015 Information Governance Trends” by Bassam Zarkout on KMWorld.