Technology offers business users with “spell checking” in most authoring systems, and we expect that communications sent for business purposes will not have spelling mistakes. Compliance technology needs to bring this power and simplicity to the world of data protection and classification, with user-assisted tagging and automated classification. By repurposing these compliance systems to not only discover “dark data” for compliance purposes, but also for knowledge management and data discovery purposes, organizations will find they are effectively:

  • Lowering overall total cost of ownership
  • Enabling business self-service
  • Accelerating data access and collaboration capabilities
  • Adhering to compliance policies and mitigating data risks

For effective data management and collaboration to turn into a competitive advantage for the business, timely access to data as well as multi-directional communication flow — with the right risk management filters in place — is essential. This way, data is available whenever and wherever to those who need it, and unavailable to those who shouldn’t have access.

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