Stories have recently come out about the next generation of airline seats that will incorporate sensors. Here is one of the features it will have:

It is designed to remember you, based on a direct-connect to your personal electronic device. When you place your device on the side panel, the seat’s voyeur-smart computerized system connects to your social profiles and reads your data footprint to learn what you like when you travel and in every other area of your life.

It uses all that Big Data to determine what content you’re likely to want to watch on the big screen which tilts as you do, as well as what position you’ll like your seat to be in, what color side panel active video display it should play to help you chill out, what kind of massage setting you enjoy, and what your favorite onboard food is.

You can read about other features and learn more at the following link: The next generation airline seat will know everything about you from by Marisa Garcia