Big data means so many different things that it’s now just an over-hyped marketing term (that I am as guilty of using as everyone else). But at the end of the day, whether it is social data, sensor data, transaction data, dark data, exhaust data, it is just data. The shape, complexity and volume of data keeps evolving. The speed at which it is needed keeps evolving. The use cases keep evolving. But this evolution is a continuum, even if its pace keeps accelerating.

The 451 Group uses the term “total data.” I like that term, because it encompasses everything: large and small data, fast and slow data, dynamic and static data. And indeed, big data cannot be viewed in isolation. A “big data project” is not only about harvesting, say, social data; it’s also about consolidating it with existing CRM and/or PLM data, financial records and more. It’s not only about – again, say – collecting weather information; it’s also about correlating it with historical sales and supply chain data to optimize inventory.

The above quote is excerpted from an Information Management article by Yves De Montcheuil entitled From Big Data to Just Data