On Thursday afternoon I gave a talk at the AIIM14 conference on metadata vs. big data. Ironically enough I just came across a recently published article on Information Management that deal with the same topic. Here is a favorite quote of mine by Aaron Zornes from that article:

I would say, what’s more important to the average company: shipping the right product to the right customer, billing the right amount to the right customer, providing the appropriate service level to a specific customer or understanding what Facebook dilettantes are saying about your company and your product. It’s black and white. Now some big companies, some of the CPG companies, some of the online retailers have to know what people are saying about them. Are people having problems with a given product or is it just one or two naysayers who like to make big noise? And how influential are those naysayers? Or what are the features people are asking for in the products that don’t show up in the surveys? Or what are they really using our product for? And that sort of information comes out of the forums, user boards and looking at the actual usage of their products. So there are certainly companies and industries where big data is vital, fundamental to what they’re doing, especially if you’re an online company. On the other hand, the majority of the banks I’m talking to, they couldn’t give a diddle about what somebody’s saying about them on Facebook or what somebody’s tweeting about them. They’ve got bigger problems: know your customer reporting, certain regulatory reports they have to produce, and more and more these regulations being put on them every year. And it’s the same with the insurance companies, the manufacturers and so on. So if you look at mainstream business, blocking and tackling – the quality of the customer, product and supplier data – is vital.

Here is a link to the full article: Master Data Management in 2014: Solid but Boring?