Face it, business users love their spreadsheet. They do! Many have strongly resisted learning new big data tools believing the old familiar spreadsheet did the work just as well or at least performed at levels deemed good enough. While Excel did perform well within its limitations, it didn’t really deliver on par with the new tools. And it certainly wasn’t ideal for large data use. Still, users hung on to it in large numbers. Their hold-out wasn’t in vain as it turns out. Microsoft infused Excel with extra oomph with the general availability of Power BI and a slew of new features for the spreadsheet. Bottom line, Microsoft just hit the sweet spot in corporate data democratization and BI adoption at the user level.

Power BI is an online service attached to Office 365 for enterprise users that provides access to a cloud-based suite of business intelligence tools. And new features in Excel just rocketed the spreadsheet from antiquated dinosaur to a powerful and fast analytics, visualization and data modeling tool.

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