It is sad to say in 2014, but most intranets I come across are still terrible. They’re not valued by management. But they have massive potential to increase productivity and efficiency. They can drive innovation and a more flexible, nimble and fast organization by facilitating seamless collaboration and idea sharing. They can help sales people sell better. They can improve process adherence…

You can’t bring people to the content. You have to bring the content to the people who want it now — this second! How successful do you think policy adherence will be if you place all the policies and processes in a policy management system and expect people to remember to go to that system and search for the policy on booking a taxi the next time they need to book a taxi?

When it comes to content we are sitting on a goldmine that we’re managing like a coalmine. We’re watching as value within the traditional content model dwindles, while a few links up the chain, others are striking gold. We need to move up the chain. We need to link and collaborate. We need to think beyond content. Think of the customer first. What are they trying to do? Can we help them complete their task? But it’s not enough to say yes, we can. We have to prove it. We have to prove value.

Excerpt taken from All Content Must Prove Value on CMSwire