This summer I was honored and surprised when eForensics Magazine asked me to write an article on metadata analysis. The main reason for the surprise is due to the fact that metadata is not the sexiest of topics. To prove my point I have included a quote from Real Story Group:

let’s not dismiss the fact that by nature, metadata management is perhaps the least glorious task in DAM or any associated processes. Let’s be frank: metadata is tedious. Not surprisingly, assigning metadata often gets unloaded to an intern or the most junior employee, you know, that one just out of college. (you can read the rest at Metadata management in DAMs still inadequate

Many people view metadata as Peter Parker or Clark Kent when it is really Spider and Superman. At AIIM 2014 I will be leading a breakout session. You can read a preview of it here. If you are attending AIIM 2014 come to my session to learn how to make metadata a hero for your organization and possibly even meet Metadata Man.


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