One of my resolutions for 2014 is to become familiar with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recordkeeping requirements.  A great article that I recently came across for records managers that work in the federal sectors is, “Next-Generation Information Governance (A New Way Forward For Financial Services Organizations)” One of the great points that the article makes is the return on investment provided by information governance:

Just as risk and compliance failure can be expensive, risk mitigation and compliance readiness can deliver big dividends. Next-generation information governance enables banks, capital markets firms and insurance companies to effectively address the risk and compliance dimensions of their information assets—with little or no impact to users—while they:

  • Realize millions of dollars of annual savings
  • Minimize fines and penalties
  • Shrink search labor costs by up to 75 percent
  • Reduce storage costs by up to 50 percent, improving performance of production systems

Aside from ROI, the three solutions that information governance provides for the financial sector are, collecting all required regulatory information, analyzing information risk and automating policy enforcement.  I would definitely recommend reading the whole article when you get a chance.