In 2014 I am looking to implement a knowledge management initiative for my organization.  Information Management recently published a slideshow entitled, Five Reasons Knowledge Management Is Broken and I found it really insightful as I create my objectives for this project.  Here are the reasons they list:

1)Knowledge is Not Accessible

“Data must be organized into information and transformed into knowledge, often with the help of contextually- relevant experts who must also be found, before it can be interpreted by humans into actionable insight for strategic decision-making.”

2)Knowledge is Useless Without Relevance

“Sales, service, online transactions and operations all depend on relevant information, because in a customer-centric world, customers are more demanding, empowered and knowledgeable than ever. Customers expect companies to return with speed and relevance, knowing their history, issues and having an immediate solution.”

3)Knowledge is Confused With Information

“Knowledge is a form of competence or human ability to take action. Searching and retrieving information from a central source does not deliver actionable insight.”

4)Knowledge Gaps Exist

“Fragments of data simply proliferate outside the system of record – different processes, point solutions, employee-activated cloud solutions, the list grows, etc. Unfortunately, employees end up using incomplete or wrong information, or simply re-inventing the wheel. Often times, transactions stall or fail due to knowledge gaps”

5)Knowledge Is Not Generating The Business Return It Should

“Because knowledge is what keeps organizations competitive, it is imperative for it to be accessed and shared across teams and geographies. Knowledge is useless sitting in repositories where no one even knows it exists; it is only valuable and can see deliver a return when it is accessible and reused as often as possible, and relevant to the dynamic context at- hand.”