Before spending the money on an enterprise content management (ECM) system, the enterprise needs to get its house of records in order. At least that is the loud and clear message of CIOs like Laura Fucci, who delayed an ECM implementation for financial reasons, and is happy she did.


When Fucci was appointed CIO of Clark County, Nev., four years ago, buying an enterprise content management system was high on her bosses’ to-do list.


“But we did not have a countywide records management program or policy or retention in place,” Fucci said. “Every department was reading the state laws and doing records retention and destruction the way they felt it needed to be done in their departments.”


Fucci, who oversees an IT budget of $41 million, had no “skin in the game” except for buying that enterprise content management system, but she realized that before Clark County could think about ECM, it needed to build a records information management (RIM) program…


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