The reason I dislike talking about governance is because it’s a loose concept that means many things to many different people.

If you sit in a room and go around a table to get a great view on the challenges organizations are facing today to manage their information, it’s unlikely someone will say “we need proper governance.” What does that mean? Does that mean policies for how SharePoint sites are created and archived? Does it mean how taxonomies are developed and maintained? Does it mean procedures for ensuring permissions are always correct?

Yes. It means all that and more, a heck of a lot more. Instead of trying to work through what the concept of governance really means for an organization, let’s take the time to understand how the organization works, then look at the problems they are having with SharePoint and information in general, and let’s put some solutions in place to deal with the problems. Whether that’s a supporting technology, or simply better policies and procedures, let’s just get to work.

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