Your hardware is your vehicle and your process is the driver. If you upgrade the hardware but never get a driver’s license you are not reducing the risk of a crash or creating a more efficient trip, but only speeding up the chances of inevitable failure. For this reason process is always more important than technology. To relate this to the world of information management Steve Weisman once said in a searchcontentmanagement article, “If your process was crummy before, it’s not going to be magically better just because you’re using the cloud. A different implementation model is all it is.”

Steve Weisman highlights this in a blog post on how the world’s last telegram service located in India recently closed down. He states

The lesson here is that there is no need to rush to replace a piece of technology simply because it has been around for seemingly forever. If it’s getting the job done and isn’t costing you money or opportunity, then it’s fine to keep it in service. But as its age increases, you do want to more frequently monitor the level of value it delivers compared to the emerging alternatives so you can be prepared to make a change when the day comes – be it in 10 years or 163.

You can read the rest in If it ain’t broke: the lesson of the world’s final telegram.