Robin Woolen, aka The Records Guru is a must follow in twitter and he has recently started blogging.

In a recent blog post he stated, “If there’s one thing people dislike more than doing paperwork it’s organizing it.” This is a common experience in most organizations and even dramatized in the movie Monster’s Inc.

To get people on board with records management Robin uses the rationale of succession planning and reducing cost. I have excerpted below his strategy on cost reduction and would encourage you to click over to read the rest

“Keep everything forever” sounds great until you run out of room to store it. Eventually the file cabinets spill out into the hallways and the warehouse space is maxed out. Buying more memory for electronic storage may be cheap, but maintaining it isn’t and retrieving old files reveal even more problems: How do you plan to read that Lotus123 or DOS file in 20 years? Farming it to The Cloud will complicate things even more.

Exactly how much of “Everything” are duplicates? Do you keep only one Record copy of what you really need for everyone or do you have your own folder somewhere on a network drive for your personal use? Do you think maybe everyone else is doing the same? So do you want to keep all of that as well? Having a comprehensive Records Management program in place will reduce storage costs by identifying what actually needs to be maintained. What’s the ROI? A commonly accepted factor in the Records Management world is that somewhere between 5 – 10% of everything produced by a given business are actual Records. What is a 90% reduction in storage costs worth?