if the NSA story results in significant new legislation to protect or at least inform US citizens when their web and cellular activity is being used, it will put a lot of disruptive pressure on telecoms, social sites, digital content providers and the likes and create a host of new opportunities. For example, legislative changes could make it more difficult for social web providers to share your information, perhaps by requiring more explicit “opt out” functions. This would naturally result in many folks choosing to do exactly that, in turn putting pressure on major revenue streams for firms who depend on this data. As result, savvy firms will jump on opportunities to help people feel more comfortable and in control of their personal information. I know that many firms have been struggling with when to invest in providing more personal information protection features in the customer facing apps. The time may be now.
In summary, the NSA story has made very real to a once naive public that the assumed protection of anonymity is not what it was. Big data has disrupted that comforting notion and our society is bound to change because of it. Welcome to the digital age!

You can read the rest on Forrester in DIGITAL DISRUPTION VIA BIG DATA – COMING TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD SOON! by Brian Hopkins