For many organizations, moving to the cloud is a somewhat controversial approach to begin with, especially for those with more traditional IT staffs. If you start adding requirements to the cloud that require a particular piece of information to be held in a particular server in a particular country, you have massively increased the complexity of cloud solutions for user organizations — and have added a significant hurdle to adoption.

So instead of simply describing how good their own privacy and security is, I would like to see some of the cloud companies get out in front of this issue. They need to start evangelizing the concept that country-specific restrictions relative to the location of cloud-based information is an oxymoron in the first place. That won’t stop this this legislation from occurring in the face of the NSA/PRISM revelations, but it may slow it down a bit.

You can read the full article at by John Mancini Am I the only one who thinks #cloud vendors need to get more out in front of the #NSA/#PRISM story?