The records management that is being done is different then what was being done five to ten years ago and the field will probably look drastically different five to ten years from now. Cheryl McKinnon has written a must read article on this topic at Document Media entitled, It’s a Digital-First World: Five Trends Reshaping Records Management As You Know It. The five trends she identifies are as follows:
1)RM shifts to information governance
“The shift to a more comprehensive and proactive management of information across its entire business life cycle—rather than just at the end—has begun.”
2)Cloud and social platforms render “file and declare” ineffective
“Traditional RM tools are slow to make the leap to the cloud; records and compliance managers remain wary of cloud and social platforms; and current RM systems are already missing many forms of electronically stored information. ”
3)Digital preservation forces itself onto the governance agenda
Retrieving or view older digital records is very challenging due to software application and file formats decaying and becoming obsolete.
4)Open standards and open source change the sourcing landscape
Open standards and open source are gaining popularity as a means to have more portable data, save cost and reduce potential loss of electronic information and sobfware obsolesce.
5)Autecategorization becomes viable and approachable
“Transactional, regulated and semi-structured content are ripe areas for automated capture, categorization and application of retention policies. Opportunities to use auto-classification technologies for routine, high-volume, predictable electronic content are increasing as technology matures, more vendors provide integrated offerings and use cases are identified”

I would definitely advise that you click over and give this article a read.