Occasionaly on LinkedIn I get questions from people about preparing for the Certified Information Professional (CIP) exam. One of the common tips I give people is to stay in tune with industry trends and publications. The article, “Master Data Management or Data Governance? Yes, Please” is a definite one to add to the toolkit of those prepping for the CIP. I really enjoyed the five key points at the end of the article which are

1.Unifying MDM and data governance is essential to overcome both organizational and technical issues and addresses the need for evaluation of the entire data ecosystem, including processes, resources and deliverables.
2.Master data governance is directly linked to business performance, and organizations that commit resources to data/business improvements and management will always outperform competitors who don’t.
3.Instead of blaming it on an organization’s political or cultural climate, the misalignment or mismanagement of data should be viewed as an opportunity to create real business value.
4.The importance of generating a single view of customers, products, locations and relationships cannot be stressed enough.
5.Organizations can optimize business processes across functions, leverage their existing technology investment and build an integrated data workflow.