My information management ranges from records management to database management, content management and project management. When I read the Gartner blog post A Day In The Life Of An It Grunt I came across a statement that I thought “That is true in information management, but different in records management. The author makes the statement, “At the end, you are working for your manager’s and their managers’ paychecks. I was not aware of this fact in college. Welcome to capitalism. Otherwise incentive programs would not be structured the way they are.” (the bold is the author quoting someone else).

In my experience, I used to tell manager’s in job interview that my task is to make them look good and earn them more money. In records management, it’s not just about earning manager’s more money, but also keeping them out of jail. Yes, I still work for my manager and their manager’s paycheck, but I also work so that if we are ever in court the company can say with integrity, “Nothing to see here, we are accountable, carry on!” Which will lead to more paychecks for everyone!