Earlier this month I referenced the upcoming AIIM webinar Digital Signatures Demystified: defined, defensible, & deployable . If you have not had a chance to check it out I would recommend clicking on the link and giving it a watch. I have been to live presentations by ARX and they are the leaders in this technology and there is no one better to learn from. Below are some of my highlights from the webinar.

Digital signatures are essential in a 24/7 online business that lives digitally.

Digital signatures increase the velocity of business because you can instantly close a transaction on a mobile device

Digital signatures reduces shipping costs for paper based transactions.

Digital signatures reduce cost of converting to paper

The average paper document is copied 9-11 times at a cost of $18 and filed at a cost of $20 plus the added cost of storage, media, space, postage and distribution – Oasis

The AEC industry spends an estimated $500 million or more each year moving plans from one discipline to another via such courier services such as FedEx – Cadalyst

Pfizer estimates the cost of one “wet signature” at $30 (including time to track down the signer, plus storage and scanning costs). – Pfizer

The average cost of Fortune 500 paper documents is estimated at $10 per document – Pitney Bowes

A typical $100 million building project generates 150,000 separte documents: drawings, contracts, purchase orders, RFIs and schedules – the economist