The following is excerpted from an article, “Records Management – It’s Just About Storing Stuff? Well, Isn’t It?” by Paula Smith. Based on my audience, most of this is probably preaching to the choir, although I did find Myth 9 particularly interesting
Myth 1: I don’t use paper at all – records management is irrelevant to my role.
Myth 2: Records Management is where I send paper files when I don’t need them anymore.
Myth 3: Records Management staff are really librarians in disguise.
Myth 4: We have a PRA (Public Records Act) compliant EDRMS, so our records management needs are fulfilled.
Myth 5: Records management is a public sector issue; it doesn’t apply to private sector.
Myth 6: Records managers don’t like to talk to people. So how can they understand my needs?
Myth 7: Records Management adds no value to my business.
Myth 8: Records Management means that everyone has to think like a records manager.
Myth 9: Records Management is dead; we care about content now.
Myth 10: Records Management is dull!