I recently wrote a blog for the AIIM community on starting an information governance program. One of the crucial tasks mentioned is doing a risk assessment to know areas present the highest Risk of Indictment. If you have never thought about risk management as an important of governance, then I’d highly recommend an article recently published in Information Management entitled, “Six Simple Steps to Enterprise Risk Management.” The risk they outline are:

1)Identify Your Risks
2)Analyze Your Risks
3)Control Your Risks
4)Monitor Risks
5)Improve Your Risk Management
6)Report On Your Progress.

The article is high level, but still has lots of great information.

Risk management is most effective when it becomes an accepted part of company’s culture and employees are given a stake in the outcome through their key performance indicators. Important contractors and suppliers should also be involved in the process and should implement the same risk management process themselves. Effective risk management is a win-win scenario, and all parties — management, employees, stakeholders, partners and customers — will benefit from improved business performance and stronger, more effective relationships.

You can read the whole article here.