Today I turn 33 and as I look back on 32, one of the persons that I spent more time with then anyone else was Steve Weissman. Steve and I have never met, although we have tweetchatted several times. My first introduction to him was through preparing for Certified Information Professional exam from AIIM. He is literally the face of the program. I spent many hours getting acquainted with him through watching the videos and if you are interested in taking the course I’d highly recommend them. Heck, I’ve even passed the videos on to others in the field who are not taking the course, but I felt certain modules would benefit them.

Steve is a consultant, analyst and trainer in enterprise content, process and information management with Holly Group. If you haven’t checked out his blog, I’d highly recommend it. Back in November Steve was highlighted as an AIIM Member of the Week and I love this little nugget from his interview:

My stance for a decade and a half has been that organizations must look at process and information management as holistically as possible, to stop setting one strategy for “data,” another for “records,” a third for “content,” a fourth for “Web content,” etc. It’s all information, it’s all important, and when you get right down to it, it’s really only the tools that may need to be different.

If you’d like to hangout with Steve and get to know him, tomorrow (May 7th) at 1 P.M. est he is having a Google+ hangout for those studying or contemplating studying for the AIIM CIP exam. You can find out more at

I link to his content often, so I am not going to overload you here, but here is a pretty nifty poster from him on his 7 Mantras of Process and Information Management.