One of the key lines in Bill Clinton vs. George H.W. Bush is, “It’s about the economy.” When it comes to Cloud computing, a similar refrain can be heard as many cloud computing decisions that are made are about the business. Here are “Nine Business Drivers for Cloud Adoption from Information Management.

1)Rigorous Fiscal Planning:”Migrating to a cloud services option allows organizations to eliminate the guesswork and place more rigor around fiscal planning as costs are predictable and can be directly associated with business activities.”

2)Rising Costs of Hardware and Software:”Cloud services offer the flexibility to add or remove technologies as business needs changes without latency allowing technology to scale with the driving needs of the business.”

3)Infrastructure Maintenance:”Infrastructure services in the cloud provide organizations with higher availability and reliability than they can provide with their own resources, and often at a fraction of the cost.”

4)Increased IT Demand and Need for Niche Skills:”Migrating to a managed cloud environment releases organizations from the barriers specialized skills are creating.”

5)Decreased It Personnel Resource:”Using cloud services provided by vendors gives organizations constant access to skilled experts without the requirement of having to train them as new technologies are released.”

6)Time to Value:”Cloud services significantly reduce if not completely eliminate time to value concerns as implementation time can be as fast as immediate.”

7)Increased Business Focus:”The ease of implementation of cloud services allows for all skill sets to benefit immediately.”

8)Risk and Compliance:When selecting a cloud vendor, make sure it is one that understands the regulations applicable to your industry. Knowing that they understand your governance and security needs should be the main factor in choosing a supplier. The benefit of the cloud is they not only will they stay atop the regulations, but also the best tools to manage risk and compliance.

9)Increased Security Demands:Security management can be a department in and of itself within your organization. Make sure to kick the tires and do your research so that the cloud provider you choose has the right security tools, policies and procedure to surpass your security expectations.

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