8 Areas Information Managers Need To Improve

1)Matching Business Intelligence with User Expectations – Google and Yelp have raised the bar for what users expect in terms search, retrieval and usability of business intelligence.

2)Modernizing Data Model Approaches – The technological capabilities are there, but the practices are not.

3)Mobile Device Management – “While strict policy enforcement on a company-supplied device is possible, it is often overly intrusive to exact the same control over a personal device. As a result, a more subtle approach is needed to enforce device policy at the application and data level, not necessarily at the device level.” Bruce Guptill

4)Tempering Trendy Requests – Do analysis on case studies before blindly buying in.

5)Offering Business Intelligence that Serves Itself – According to Cindi Howson “44 percent of businesses she surveyed don’t have adequate time, funding and resources stay on top of demand for business intelligence requests.”

6)Determining What to Keep or Toss – Content obesity will be the death of many organizations. Information governance is essential to today’s businesses.

7)Assess the Value of Data – Big data without data management is just big junk.

8)Forming Intentional Visualization, Mobile Strategies – Don’t just use an iPad for business but a have an intentional strategic vision for visualization and mobile.

The above list is courtesy of a slideshow from
Information Management