When selling information governance it is good to be able to answer the inevitable question of why should my business do information governance

Businesses need good, clean and accessible information to operate. The primary role of Information Governance is to deliver accurate, timely and reliable information to the business, for making decisions, for creating products and for delivering services. Every other issue must come second in priority.

That response comes from a blog by George Parapadakis entitled The Seven Even Deadlier Sins of Information Governance .

Another great point he makes is how all information needs to be governed whether it is data, e-mail, records, social media etc. Anything that needs to be governed should happen under the umbrella of information governance

We often see Information Governance projects that focus primarily (or even exclusively) on transactional data, or data warehousing, or records management, or archiving, etc. Information Governance should be unified and consistent. There isn’t a different regulator for data, for documents, for emails or for tweeter messages. ANY information that enters, leaves or stays in the organisation should be subject to a common set of Governance policies and guidelines.

There are five other points that he makes and I’d encourage you to click over to the article and read it in its entirety. Lets continue the discussion and feel free to leave a comment on what impacted you most from the article. I will leave another link here so you do not have to scroll to the middle.

The Seven Even Deadlier Sins of Information Governance