Almost 90% of companies reported that workers are using consumer tools such as Dropbox or Facebook to conduct business. Of those, 41% are not approved by IT.

This reiterates how important it is for companies to provide easy-to-use online and mobile apps for basic job functions like sharing files or collaborating on documents. If you don’t, your employees will find alternatives and use them anyway, potentially exposing your data.

From Almost half of workers use consumer services behind IT’s back in CITEworld

I think it is interesting what this tell us.  Dropbox, Facebook and other non-enterprise tools are not the enemy of business.  Some IT staffs actually approve of them.  We can’t make a blanket statement that they are evil and forbid the use of them.  Staff will use them regardless.  Instead, training and policies need to be in place so that safeguards can be setup to prevent data loss.  The reality is that everyday staff is consuming IT in their free time and may have more efficient and better ways of doing business then what IT has already provisioned.  If this is the case then IT needs to work with them to maximize productivity and not put up barriers to disruptive technologies that can enhance the flow of business.