I had several information governance posts that I initially planned to post today.  Being a runner myself, today was the holy grail of running events and in the morning my attention was glued to how elites the performed and I figured I would do my updates later in the day.  When the afternoon came the unthinkable happened and all thoughts about information governance vanished.  Despite the horrors of today’s events one of the things that stuck out to me was the power of social media and collaboration to bring out about good.

  1. The AIIM Certified Information Professional study guide defines collaboration as, “The practice of working together to achieve a defined and common business purpose.”  Google has developed a person finder app, which was first used during the Haiti earthquake, that allows people to collaborate to find missing people from the explosion.  The app has two components 1)to give information about people you are looking for and 2)to share information you have on someone that you found and are giving assistance to.
  2. Google Docs is using collaboration to bring together people to help those who need a place to stay.  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AoXVKFw1Uci5dFNpRGdWd2pXZTN4a3Fza0VhVTRVaGc&output=html This spreadsheet that was setup by Boston.com is being updated throughout the afternoon and evening with people offering up their homes to people looking for a place to stay during this time of emergency.  You can also follow the hashtag #BostonHelp on Twitter for accounts of Bostonians coming together and helping each other out.
  3. Social media played a major role in breaking the news of the explosion.  NBC News stated, “We first learned about this via Twitter.”  One media disrupter posted, “Interesting to watch how breaking news now develops. TV anchors simply reading twitter accounts in absence of real reporters.”  Not all of the social media postings were accurate, but I know that myself and many others were glued to the pervasive and “breaking” nature of the reporting on Twiter.
  4. This falls into the “When I Become CIO” category, but one mistake that many people and corporations made is forgetting to turn off scheduled tweets.  I know that many people use social media to push a brand and schedule updates ahead of time.  Times like this are moments to forget about business and turn off your scheduled social media updates as few people are concerned with your project and what you have to share at that particular moments about the industry.  Personally, I skimmed over and ignored tweets not dealing with Boston.

If you are interested in leveraging social media and collaboration for your organization, I highly recommend these training videos from AIIM.

There is a lot of evil in this word, but together we can come together and overcome it.  Those who intend to cause fear and do harm will not have the final victory.