“Five years from now, you’re the same person except for the people you’ve met and the book you’ve read.” John Wooden

Infographics visualize data in a way that instantly catches people’s attention instantly in a way that numbers and narrative do not. If data visualization and data analysis is something new to you, I’d encourage you to read, Tom Davenport on Using Analytic to Influence Business Decision Makers.”. Mr. Davenport has a book coming out this summer on the same topic and it definitely looks to be a good read for this who intend to prepare themselves for how the evolving information age. The book is entitled, “Keeping Up with the Quants: Your Guide to Understanding and Using Analytics

We’re moving beyond the information age into the quantitative information age. This book promises to become your “quantitative literacy” guide–helping you develop the analytical skills needed in today’s world of work, no matter your role or experience. As a successful manager today, you need to be a more informed consumer of data, more conversant with analytical thinking and methods, and better at working with quantitative information. In “Keeping Up with the Quants,” authors and professors Tom Davenport and Jinho Kim offer the tools to enhance your thinking and decision-making. You’ll walk away with a basic understanding of today’s necessary skills including how to: (1) Formulate a hypothesis, (2) Gather and analyze relevant data, (3) Interpret and communicate results, (4) Develop habits of quantitative thinking, and (5) Deal effectively with the “quants” in your organization. If you don’t have a business degree or you aren’t comfortable with statistics and quant methods, this book is for you. “Keeping Up with the Quants” will give you the new skills you need to compete–and succeed.