I am continuing my review of John Ladley ‘s research on Enterprise Information Management (EIM) by looking at his article, “EIM Business Case” from Information Management.

In the article Ladley states that a successful EIM initiative must have two elements at the forefront:

1)All business cases are to be developed upon hard benefits. EIM is costly so business gains must be what justify funding and change.

2)Benefits from data projects belong to the enterprise, not the sponsoring department. Ownerships must be had at a C-level not at in the functional area.

Ladley goes on to list six basic components of an EIM businesses cas

  • Business goal and objectives: Where does your organization want to go
  • Business benefits and categories: Will there be increased cash flow or other measurable gains from this initiative?
  • Business usage or business information requirements: What information is needed for this project to be implemented correctly?
  • Cost to supply usage: What is the cost to start and carry this project through to completion?
  • Cost to sustain usage: What is the cost to maintain the program?
  • Cost to manage risk: What are the cost and liability to manage risk such as compliance and data privacy?

All of these components and elements must be considered beforehand if an information management initiative is to be successful