Document capture is about more than just scanning, which is an issue that Alan R. Earls dives into in a recent Tech Target article entitled, “Document Capture: The First Step in effective Document Management.”

The highest ROI on document capture is not the ability to go paper-less and facilitate access, but according to Kevin Craine, author of the book Designing a Document Strategy and host of the Document Strategy Podcast, it is unlocking the data contained on those printed pages. The downside is that most companies don’t properly invest in indexing the content.

Bud Porter-Roth, an independent consultant with a focus on document management and collaboration technologies, has noted that a common problem is organizations leaning towards using OCR for everything and using a Google-like search. The downside to that is that there are more comprehensive approaches to manage document capture.

According to Melissa Webster, an analyst at IDC, a comprehensive approach to document capture and other efforts to integrate electronic documents into business workflows increases a company’s bottom-line due to its cost-effective nature as well as increasing business agility and compliance while lowering risk. Out of the many IT projects an organization can do, this one on average has the highest ROI.