SharePoint used to dominate the content management system market. It is still a key player out there, but not the top dog. Chris Martin at cmswire recently made the bold prediction that SharePoint will disappear very soon. He believes that a lot of SharePoint’s functionality is in Office365, so even though the brand may disappear, the product will still be alive and well.

SharePoint is very much the glue in Office 365. It is the technology that ties everything together, that makes things work… So I predict in a year or so SharePoint will drift out of view in Office 365. The technology will live on, as the workhorse platform many of us know and love. But people will talk of sites, Intranets and pages in Office 365, without giving a thought to SharePoint.

I didn’t 100% agree with this, but was curious what the general sentiment was. I decided to post the article to LinkedIn and was surprised to see the myriads of comments I got. Some expressed disbelief SharePoint could go anywhere and others were happy about the thought. Apparently, with SharePoint there is no middle ground for your opinions on it.

Barb Mosher Zinck wrote another article on cmswire about how although IT loves SharePoint, business is not 100% on board with it. She predicts that SharePoint will survive the expanding CMS market, but where it ranks is the bigger question.

There are a ton and more of options out there and we hear about them every day here at CMSWire. Can SharePoint succeed in a market that is changing as rapidly as this one? It will, the question is more where on the totem pole will it end up? Is SharePoint 2013 going to be the game changer? Or simply the fifth version of the platform?

AIIM has a webinar on SharePoint on February 27th, 2013 that you can check out here . I am unsure if I will attend it, but it sounds promising:

SharePoint’s strengths are in document management, collaboration, and information access, just to name a few. Despite these strengths, many organizations still struggle with effective utilization of SharePoint. To use SharePoint well, you need to treat this as you would any other content management system – do a thorough analysis and content inventory, plan for a systematic migration and application integration, plan your processes, determine the business needs to take advantage of SharePoint many features and functionalities, have corporate champions encouraging adoption and proper use. Yet with the best of planning, every systems seems to need a little help to make it work exceptionally well with the specific needs of your organization.

In this webinar, we’ll outline how best to prepare and execute a successful SharePoint implementation; improve how you’re currently using SharePoint; and offer tips to take fullest advantage of what SharePoint has to offer. We’ll also discuss ways to recognize when (and how) an add-on solution can enhance what you’re doing to keep your business functioning at its very best.