Tomorrow is Global Information Governance Day and RSD is celebrating it by hosting an information governance chat on twitter at 11am EST. You can follow the conversation with the hashtag #GIGD. You can learn more at rsd

Barclay T. Blair will be participating and offers the following reasons for remembering why there is a need for Global Information Governance Day

  • Most companies (and individuals) create and and store an enormous amount of digital junk.
  • Over half of the information many organizations create and keep is redundant, outdated junk.
  • Keeping this digital junk around only wastes capital that could be deployed elsewhere – to create jobs, for example – and unnecessarily harms the environment through massive electricity waste.
  • The global failure to manage burgeoning digital information is a demonstrable threat to the civil and criminal justice system due to the out-of-control costs of electronic discovery. Many cases and investigations are settled rather than properly adjudicated simply because the cost of finding and producing digital evidence is unreasonably high.
  • The global failure to properly classify unstructured information is represents a growing threat to individual privacy. Every day your private information and mine is at risk of theft and unauthorized disclosure by the companies and governance agencies because they lack consistent and cost-effective techniques to separate personally identifiable information from non-private information.

I recently had someone debate with me on Twitter that Information Governance is only a buzzword from Gartner due due to a failure to establish policy and train. The fact that ARMA International used Information Governance as their topic for the 2012 conference proves this is more then a buzzword.