The newest AIIM webinar, “The Rise of the Information Professional: Why IT Will Never be the Same,” featured speakers Cheryl McKinnon from Forrester Research and Josh Swihart from K2.  I am a records manager with a background and on the landing page for the webinar one of the paragraphs says, “Business in general does not know enough about IT. IT in general does not know enough about business,” I had to chuckle at that as it reminded me of a conversation I recently had with a colleague who asked me if IT is the direction I want my career to go.  My response was that with the prevalence of electronic records it is inevitable that IT is the direction that records management field is shifting towards.

Here are the three topics from the webinar that really impacted me

What is an Information Professional

  • Information professional demonstrates fluency in the vocabulary of technology, business, and risk/compliance practices.
  • Information professional can help diverse teams create common ground, helping tap into the knowledge and expertise locked up in organizational silos.
  • Practical implications to help businesses better understand the flow of their content and information-centric processes.

A Shift From Information Technology to Business Technology

“Technology underpins good business evolution it inspires the innovations and helps the business perform more efficiently.  The mindset should not be IT, but BT (Business Technology).” McKinnon

IT used to serve people that were afraid of technology.  Due to the consumerization of IT, many people are active and contributing to IT so IT needs to change their mindset of how they work with them and adopt the technologies they are working with such as cloud, social and mobile.  A consumer is already thinking about using dropbox for collaboration, so IT should be more policy friendly, same with BYOD.  With mobile, so much e-mail is being sent that the same old records management practices can’t be used, but auto-categorization of records needs to take place.

Are we just giving IT services and products or are we leveraging them and empowering users to be able to advance the business mission with them.

Big Data

“Big data is not necessarily new data. It is information that may have been present for many years, but we did not have the right kind of tools or analytics to tap into.”  McKinnon

Context and asking the right question is huge to understanding and benefitting from Big Data.  Because data is growing so fast we shouldn’t immediately jump into the newest data or social data, but be mindful of the large amounts of data that have always been there that we have never analyzed before such as event logs and other medium which were previously unaccessible.

Since information management is changing so rapidly, it is imperative to be active in the field and growing your knowledge.  Way to do that include:

For most people today is a day off work, so if you can spare the hour, I’d recommend checking out the webinar, The Rise of the Information Professional: Why IT Will Never be the Same,”