I came across this quote from Marcus Ledergerber and Matthew Knouff while researching the Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM) and found it intriguing

Gartner has predicted that, by 2016, 20 percent of chief information officers in regulated industries could be terminated if they do not successfully implement the discipline of IG. Fortunately, with the IGRM in hand, counseling corporate clients about information governance topics should be much easier. (Taken from Better E-Discovery: Unified Governance and the IGRM

The IGRM is a communication tool to make sure RIM programs are on track with the Generally Accepted Records Keeeping Practices (GARP). I plan on to diving into that more later, but just contemplate the above quote for a second. As RIM professionals we can’t continue to things we’ve always done them. We need to move forward into the brave new world of information governance, or according to Gartner we will be left behind. RIM by itself will never reach its full potential, but only by following the IGRM to GARP will their be maximized ROI.

If we want to be successful RIM professional we need to be sales people that can sale information governance to senior level executives. Ledergerbe and Knouff state, “the benefits of IG are overlooked because the implementation of requisite technologies and protocols is not viewed as a cohesive and comprehensive process, but rather as a series of projects competing for scarce resources. Effective IG, however, requires buy-in from the top down.” They go on to state about the challenges ahead:

The first challenge is that corporate stakeholders across business units—IT, RIM, and legal—may not immediately appreciate how IG deficiencies can have a serious deleterious ripple effect throughout the corporate environment. The same stakeholders may also have difficulty understanding how a particular process improvement in one area can create efficiencies in another. To overcome this challenge, objectively minded counsel should provide proactive advice and, if possible, empanel and lead a multidisciplinary team that has as its mission policy integration, process transparency, and stakeholder empowerment to achieve unified IG.

The reason why I started this blog for professional development and to be able jot down my thoughts on the RIM profession so I can sell it better. With these challenges above listed, I want to encourage you to get involved in either AIIM or ARMA and also get certified with the CIP or CRM so that you can be empowered to be an ambassador for information governance.