In a recent post entitled “Managing Social Media Records”, I referenced the AIIM Industry Watch Report “Social In The Flow.” I won’t rehash what I said previously about records managers being behind the eight-ball with capturing and managing social content as records, but AIIM has recently released this really neat infographic which represents the information in a way that shows that business is trending towards social and records managers are missing the bus.


If you are curious, on how to implement a records management policy for social I’d highly recommend the article, “Communication, Policy Vital to Social Media Records Management” by Ben Cole on TechTarget. I have excerpted part of it below:

Carol Rozwell, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner Inc., suggests researching and deploying tools and services that help capture, store and analyze business-related conversations in social media. Ignoring social media records management, or putting it on the back burner, can create unnecessary compliance headaches.

For example, Rozwell points out that conducting business communications via public social media creates business records that could be the subject of a legal discovery process or may require retention in order to meet regulatory requirements.

“Organizations that use social media for communications may be required to retain copies of the content,” Rozwell said. “This is a requirement for many government organizations and most financial services institutions.”