The last webinar from aiim is entitled Governance and Archiving in a Big Data World: How to Protect it, Control it, and Clean it up! and in it Barclay T. Blair connects the dots between information governance and big data:

The future of information governance is not found in that sacred codex, document or record, but rather in the insights that can be gained from the patterns found in the aggregation of these documents and that is the promise of big data…Records management and information management is not about creating this perfect record. It is really about letting us predict the future and that is the promise of big data. That is the promise of being able to get our data, our unstructured content into intranet scale infrastructure so we can point smart analytical tools at it and interrogate that data and ask questions that will drive value. And do that of course in a way that will take into account the legal requirements that we have and the risks associated with it. It is not the individual documents that are important, but the patterns that come with it.

Also in the presentation was Dennis Wild, director of information governance and archiving for Automomy, an HP company. Wild unveiled Autonomy IDOL (intelligent data operating layer), a tool for big data analytics that performs context aware computing, pattern-based strategy, monetizing information and information sharing. A demo or case study on it would have been nice as it sounded to good to be true.

Even if it does not perform all it promises, hopefully it will be the first step in a proper solution as these statistics from hp showed that many companies are not ready to harness the power of big data:

50% do not have an effective information strategy in place
98% cannot deliver the right information at right time to support enterprise outcomes all of the time
34% believe half of their information is unconnected, undiscovered and unused
35% are not effective at accessing enterprise information as and when needed for compliance or operational needs

The whole webinar was excellent and if I managed a RIM staff I would make it required viewing.