On the AIIM website there is a really great webinar entitled, “Managing Content in the Cloud – Capturing, Sharing, Governing” and in the presentation Laurence Hart, CIO of AIIM, makes a great point about security in the cloud.

Today’s information culture has many critics of the cloud due to security. A recent AIIM survey 61% of people surveyed said that perceived security risk is the biggest hindrance to moving to the cloud. On the other hand only 4% of those surveyed have had incidents of data loss, security intrusion or long-term unavailability from cloud or SaaS applications.

In an era of BYOD and telecommuting the cloud is actually more secure then other work alternatives. This is proven by the fact that 37% do not see data in the cloud as any more vulnerable than on-premise, including 10% who feel it is safer. Laurence in the presentation makes the point that you are just as likely to have a data breach by an employee working remotely and having their laptop stolen then you are of having a breach in the cloud.

To find more statistics and read the full presentation go to, “Content in the Cloud – making the right decision”