An Information Professional is a revolutionary. We are more then just business analyst, records manager or any one particular role. When you need someone to stand in the gap between IT and business you need an information professional. An information professional can understand the technical jargon and convey it to the business staff. When business requirements need a technical perspective that is in a language that an IT or nontechnical person can understand an information professional is needed.

There is a revolution in information. It includes big data, unstructured data, social data, data in the cloud, mobile data and data that needs to be governed or there will be risk and compliance issues at every turn. The revolution will not be won on the IT front or the business front but will bridge the two together so new technological initiatives can be used strategically.

An information professional is the ironman of the IT profession. The information professional does not just excel in one thing but is able to do many things well. This what it means to be a “T-Shaped professional”