Last time I talked about why the CIP (Certified Information Professional) is important to me.  This time I want to touch on why the CIP is important to the information management industry.  If you have an opportunity, I’d recommend you read, “The Rise of the Information Professional: A Career Path for the Digital Economy.”

First of all, formally, there is no information management industry.  There are people who perform information management tasks and those tasks are made up of different industries such as content management, records management, social media management, etc.  The CIP identifies the road map for the information management.  Think of the different industries/specialties that make up information management and the CIP shows how they intersect (like roads) and connect with one another.

John Mancini states in “The Rise of the Information Professional” that “Few people current have ‘Information Professional’ as a title, but many have the stewardship, management, and application of information assets as a core part of their job.”  A records manager may have one information asset as the core part of their job and that is managing records.  The information professional on the other hand does not just manage records, but looks at managing records through the lens of the different variables (information assets) that can come into play such as cloud computing, digital storage needs, business process management, etc.  It is important to note that CIP is not meant to replace other industry certification like the CRM, but instead place that technical knowledge within the context of information management as a whole and all the moving parts that are involved.